Dickes Dickes Trampolin is a local multiplayer partygame where each player has to push their opponents off the trampoline into the volcano.

During the match the battlefield is flooded with food which can be eaten by the players to gain weight. The heavier a player becomes the stronger the shockwaves will be that are emitted from the player upon contact with the trampoline.

Dickes Dickes Trampolin was made during the Global Game Jam 2017 over a duration of 48 hours using Unreal Engine 4.

I was responsible for the core programming and the trampoline shader.

Because of the short time frame in which the game had to be made I stuck to Blueprints for coding bypassing compile times and allowing for shorter iteration cycles.

The gameplay mechanics are all very straightforward. Each character jumps automatically when touching the trampoline and emits a radial wave that applies a force to every object it hits including players pushing them towards the trampoline's edge near the volcano. Food simply scales a character up and increases the force of the emitted waves and the mass of the character which makes it easier for him to push away the other players.

What was challenging to me was the trampoline material which was simulated on the GPU. Each time a wave was emitted an equally big white splat is drawn onto a height texture together with a normal map that shows in which direction the given texel is moving currently. Over time the height is decreased resulting in a receding shockwave.
The generated textures are then projected onto the trampoline mesh from the top. Once a wave collides with the outer bounds of the texture it gets recoiled. To avoid heavy flailing of the trampoline in the corners where it is attached to the rock the height field is masked by a custom texture that dampens the offset towards the anchors.

The Team behind Dickes Dickes Trampolin:
Camera and Food implementation by Niklas Burrichter
Props, Rigging and Animations by Manuel Mutter
Characters, Lighting and Environment Art by Ramon Schauer